Gifted and Talented Services

brochure-Image16Oldham County Schools’ Gifted and Talented program has been greatly enhanced thanks to continued support from the Oldham County Educational Foundation.

“The Oldham County Educational Foundation secured $7,500 to target some new and challenging resource materials for the district’s Gifted and Talented students, in addition to the $7,500 that OCEF was able to acquire last year,” said OCEF Treasurer Gayle Johnson.

According to Assistant Superintendent Anita Davis, OCEF has enhanced the educational experience in Oldham County classrooms for both Gifted and Talented students, as well as the greater student body, because of its continued funding for this area. “The money allocated by OCEF allowed the district to purchase subscriptions to the Renzulli web-based software, which can be used by Gifted and Talented students for additional research projects, as well as by teachers across disciplines to differentiate learning materials for all students in Oldham County classrooms.”