Junior Guard


This OCEF initiative, which commenced in the 2012-2013 school year, was to provide $30,000 as a startup grant to the Oldham County Jr. Guard Program at the Arvin Career Center. This extremely popular program filled all 50 available slots and includes students from all three district high schools. The grant provided uniforms, equipment, and instructional materials for the Jr. Guard students.

The program is only one of five offered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The excitement around this program continues to grow as it gains more exposure to the school system and community.  The program gives students exposure to military training and background for those interested in continuing on to serve our country. The program covers a survey of military history, military discipline, rigourous physical training, and tries to instill a sense of personal responsibility, patriotism, and pride of duty.  However, its best characteristic is that it teaches students to be leaders and solid community members.